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  • Cleaning & Home Improvement Tips to Help Sell your Home

    Posted on February 15, 2016 by in Uncategorized

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    When trying to sell your home in Indianapolis, it is highly recommended to work with a local real estate agent. Always choose a realtor that knows your market area and works full time as to sell your home at it’s full potential value. He or she should be able to provide you market research for fair pricing on your house. They should also be able to share some ideas on how to prepare and stage your home for sale. A listing agent should be tech savvy as over 90% of buyers begin their home searches online, especially the home buyers in Indianapolis. You will want your home to be easily found online to help increase the likeliness of a sale.

    Preparing Your Home

    Your home should have excellent curb appeal before even entering the market for sale. Applying a fresh coat of paint on the exterior of your house is one of the best places to start, choosing a neutral color that won’t off put the average buyer. Make sure to trim your bushes and trees and cut the grass before any pictures are taken or any open houses are scheduled. From the street, your home should look well-manicured and welcoming. Also, plant a few flowers to give a nice lively look.

    Remove the Mess

    dirt carpet

    Declutter your house of the things that make a room seem too crowded, clean off countertops, bedroom dressers, and nightstands of any and all clutter. You may need to box things that are not being used to showcase your home better. Make sure to perform a detailed cleaning of all cabinets and appliances, including the inside of your refrigerator. A possible home buyer may want to look at storage space and you will want them to see plenty of space available to them. If you have all of your stuff occupying those storage spaces, it may seem like there is less room than there is. Make your home shine. It’s time to clean the windows, the woodwork, mirrors, ceiling fans, and hard flooring surfaces.

    Having an experienced carpet cleaning professional come and clean the carpets is also suggested. After living in your home for many years, you become accustomed to many smells that may be unpleasant to other potential home buyers. The carpet cleaning company will also be able to remove all of those unwanted visible stains and also any lingering pet odor, giving your house a new fresh appearance. Also, make sure you fix any visible cracks in walls and any leaky faucets. Small fixes like this are easy to repair and if not fixed, it may appear like there is a lack of home maintenance. And finally, make sure your upholstered furniture is properly cleaned by a professional. Although your furniture may not be included in the sale, dirty furniture can still be an eye sore for potential buyers of your home. 

    Provide Optimal Lighting

    Maximize the lighting in your home so it seems bright and welcoming. Open up those drapes, change the light bulbs to increase the wattage and don’t forget about the exterior fixtures as well. Use proper lighting to accent your home’s best features. This tip will make it seem warmer and inviting. Depersonalize your home by removing family photos, collectibles, and personal keepsakes. This will allow the future homeowner to better visualize his or her own personal life inside the house.

    When your home is listed with a realtor, your home should be ready to show at all times. Don’t leave dishes in the sink and let your home get dirty. A buyer could walk through the door at any time so it’s best to be ready with short notice.

    When you sell your home, make sure to leave some good stuff behind. This could be items such as kitchen appliances, pool supplies if your home has a pool, a golf cart if your home is in a golfing community or a nice porch swing. Anything that would be a good theme for staging your home. This will help the buyer feel good about the purchase of their new home. Lastly, when you find an experienced real estate agent in Indianapolis who has a successful track record in your area, listen to their advice so they can take you through the process it takes to sell your home. They can help you get through this sometimes stressful time. Good luck on selling your home!

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