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  • Pet Urine Carpet Cleaning Tips

    Posted on January 18, 2016 by in Uncategorized

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    Pets are sneaky creatures. We swear they are so good and that they never have accidents, yet in the middle of the night, when they’ve really got to go they find their way to a favorite spot where they can quickly do their business undetected.

    Pet urine is a problem! It can damage the carpet by causing the backing to separate, making discoloration marks on the fibers like yellowing, browning, or bleaching in the affected area. Urine spots can also become a breeding ground for bacteria over time. The odor can release into the air for up to 5 years if left untreated so begin your carpet cleaning efforts immediately.

    Some things a homeowner can do to help the problem if they notice a wet spot from a fresh urine deposit is to take a dry white terry cloth towel and apply pressure to absorb as much out as possible. Continue to change to fresh parts of the towel and repeat the process to absorb more urine for less of an odor problem. If needed, you can help absorb more urine by remoistening the area with water or club soda and repeating this process. If a few days have passed and you find a dry urine deposit then simply remoisten the affected area with water or club soda and repeat the process as much as necessary. Remember to apply as much pressure as you can to help absorb the urine out of the carpet. The best thing about this process is that water and club soda won’t leave a residue that will attract more dirt like a soap based cleaner would. Using a white terry cloth towel is important as colored towels can transfer the dye to the affected area resulting in discoloration of the fibers in your carpet.

    An important thing to remember is that homeowners can become used to the odor of  pet urine which results in them not noticing the smell of the urine anymore. Don’t be fooled, your house guests will notice the smell! As temperature and humidity rise, the odor becomes more noticeable. The moisture in the air can activate the odor molecules in your carpet causing them to release into the air.

    There are two main reason that pets may urinate inside of your home:

    1. To relieve themselves.
    2. To mark their territory.

    Urine in carpeting is a severe problem that can require major restoration work! As the urine dries, the liquid in the carpet evaporates, but the salt and crystals in the carpet become more concentrated and potent. A simple cleaning will not be sufficient to correct this problem. Now, with the use of Chem-Dry’s P.U.R.T. (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) product, your most severe urine damaged areas may be saved.

    WhyChem-small46P.U.R.T. is not a mask or a fragrance to cover the smell of urine. It is an oxidative agent that adds oxygen to the odor molecule that speeds up the process of breaking down odor molecules in your carpet. This process eliminates the odor permanently as opposed to being a band-aid fix.

    How the P.U.R.T process works:

    1. The affected area is determined by using an Ultra Violet light or a moisture meter.
    2. The area is flushed several times washing away most of the problem.
    3. A hot carbonated carpet cleaning is preformed to generally clean the carpet and help minimize the remaining urine.
    4. P.U.R.T. is applied heavily to the area to keep it damp for the next 24 to 36 hours. This is to ensure the chemical has time to work properly in neutralizing the odor.

    In some severe cases, padding may have to be replaced. If it is determined necessary, an odor blocking shellac may be applied to the subfloor. This only applies to the most severe urine damage and can be determined by a Chem-Dry carpet cleaning technician. It is always a good idea to contact a professional when dealing with any stains or pet urine odors in your home.

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