How to Maintain High Traffic Carpeted Areas

May 10, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning

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Carpeting brings both comfort and durability to your home, but it requires regular upkeep, particularly in high-traffic areas. Failing to properly maintain these areas can cause them to become worn and uneven, which may result in early replacement. Deep carpet cleaning in Indianapolis can safeguard your investment by rejuvenating high-traffic areas, providing your carpets with a more consistent look, and increasing their lifespan. To keep your carpets in good shape and allow them a longer life, schedule a deep carpet cleaning today!


Understanding the High Traffic Areas in Your Home


The parts of your carpet that get the most foot traffic and need extra attention depend on how you use your home and if you have kids or pets. These areas can look worn out with dark spots, gray lines, flattened or tangled fibers, or color and texture differences between the middle and the sides. If you see these signs, you may need deep carpet cleaning to prevent unevenness that lasts. Places like hallways, stairwells, spots in front of furniture, entryways, and play areas for children and pets are usually the busiest in a house.

How Deep Carpet Cleaning Refreshes High Traffic Areas


You don’t have to put up with dingy-looking, worn-out carpeting in high-traffic areas of your home. A thorough cleaning of your carpet can make a big difference by getting rid of the dirt and grime that have built up in the fibers. This cleaning process also helps to prevent dirt from causing extra wear and tear on the carpet fibers, which can lead to damage.

Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) process can bring back life to your overused carpets. This technique doesn’t require a lot of water, which means your carpets will dry quickly in just a few hours instead of days. Instead of using harsh soaps, it relies on carbonation and a detergent-free cleaning solution to clean your carpets. This way, you don’t have to worry about leftover soap attracting more dirt, and you’ll be left with fresh and clean carpets.

To keep your carpet looking and feeling great, we suggest giving high-traffic areas a deep cleaning at least once or twice a year. Between these deep cleanings, make sure you vacuum regularly to get rid of any surface dirt and keep the carpet fibers looking even.

Are you ready to learn more about how deep carpet cleaning from All Brite Chem-Dry can make a difference in high-traffic areas for your home? Discover the power of our Hot Carbonating Extraction process today by calling (317) 843-9400 to get in touch with a Chem-Dry-technician in Indianapolis.

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