All Brite Chem-Dry mattress cleaning in Indianapolis is gentle and effective

Mattress Cleaning in Indianapolis

When was the last time you had your mattress cleaned? Mattresses are often forgotten when it comes to our cleaning to-do list. However, mattresses are made of fabric and require routine cleaning just like any other upholstered furniture in your home. 

All Brite Chem-Dry professionals are trained in the care of all fabric and mattress types – even the most delicate. Mattresses and other upholstered items in your home endure a lot of repeated use. We use specially designed tools and equipment to gently clean every part of your mattress. Although dust and stains can accumulate on your mattress, they don’t have to be permanent! Mattresses cleaned by All Brite Chem-Dry in Indianapolis will look, feel, and smell as good as new!

We use the power of carbonation to lift dirt and dust to the surface of your mattress fabric where it is whisked away by our powerful cleaning systems. You can trust our safe, non-toxic solutions to help your mattress get clean and stay clean longer.


How Our Mattress Cleaning Service Works

  • We inspect your mattress for areas that require special attention
  • Using our carbonated cleaning process, we thoroughly clean your mattress thoroughly and get it smelling better than new!
  • You can choose for us to also apply our fabric protectant and/or deodorizer
  • We carefully inspect the work we do and back it up with our Chem-Dry satisfaction guarantee
mattress cleaning indianapolis IN
mattress cleaning indianapolis in

You can remove all your carpet, furniture, upholstery and mattress stains today by calling All Brite Chem-Dry. We even offer free price estimates.

We take pride in providing affordable cleaning services that are safe for all kinds of mattress fabrics while also being safe around children and pets. Our fabric protector will shield your mattress by forming a water and oil repellent barrier on the surface of the mattress material.

Do I really need to have my mattress cleaned?

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